Nepal, a Shangri-la of the Himalayas surrounded by high snow peaks and refreshing blue mountains. Nepal is not a destination of week-enders or stop-overs. Aside from the thrill of a novelty destination, there is a legend and a story behind Nepal. The birth place of Buddha and Mecca of Budhism. The cradle of Hindu civilization and culture. Natural wonders of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas. The land of rare tigers and the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman. The home of the brave Gurkha soldiers. It is a living museum of ancient temples, places, shrines, squares and courtyards. And, yes, it is a fairy-tale kingdom of king, queens, princes, princesses of the past but living goddesses-still worshipped today. Not a week goes by in Kathmandu without a festival or a feast. The Nepalese people, as
economically underprivileged or diverse as they may be, live in harmony-perhaps fatalistic, perhaps content. Smiles that make you wonder about your own way of life and philosophy.

Nepal cannot be another beach resort country nor a shopping-mall nation. No. But Nepal is one destination that will fire up the imagination of visitors on their way to Nepal. Some curious, some incredulous, some a little nervous, some ambivalent but for once, you are going to bring excitement that will turn adults into boys and girls. We promise stories to take back home not just snap-shots and instagrams.