Nepali indigenous dance forms are primarily the classical and the folk. Both choreographies have evolved from Nepalese cultures, tradition and ethnicities. The classical dance form follow more strict scripted traditional choreography, costume and classical music. The folk dance come from various ethnic groups and communities spread across Nepal. The folk dance form is mostly social and performed with folk music and songs. The Nepali folk dance form is often modified to suit the moment and the mood of the people.

Kumari Dance of the Living Goddess, Manjushree Dance of the Buddhist legend, Panche Buddha Dance inspired by Buddha’s five teachings by five dancers, Bajrayogini Dance performed to the Tantric Bajrayogini goddess and Arya Tara Dance performed to Arya Tara deity are the notable ritualistic classical dances.

Nepali folk dance is very much social in nature belongs to various ethnic groups spread across the length and breadth of the country. Some of the well-known and popular folk dances are Tamang community’s Tamang Selo and Mhendomaya; Jungwa dance of the Tamang priest; Karua dance taken up by both Tamangs and Magars; Newar society’s Lakhe dance, masked Matrikastem dance, and Jyapu Dhime dance; Gandaki region’s Jhyaure and Ghatu dances; Chandi and Sakel Sili dances from the Rai tribe; Balan and Sangini dances from the festivals of Chetri and Bhraman castes; Sorathi dance from the Gurung villages; the Limbu tribe’s Dhana dance; Deura dance by Damai community, Maruni dance from Eastern Nepal, Tappa and Bhojpuri dances from the Terai plains and Sherpa dance from the country’s highlands. There is more to come from Nepal’s 101 ethnic groups in the land capsule of 57,000 square miles!


Each internship is individually customized, designed and organized with consultation with the Intern, taking into consideration of local circumstances and personal interests and preferences on the following arrangements. Ethno-choreology may be focused in any of the following areas below,

Nepali Culture & Religion, Nepali Classical Dance – Bhairab Dance, Kumari Dance, Manjushree Dance, Panache Buddha Dance, Bajrayogini Dance, Arya Tara Dance; Nepali Folk Dance – Hopcha Nritya,  Deuda Naach, Dandi Naach, Tamang Selo, Juhari Dance, Dhan Nacha, Karua Dance, Balan Dance, Maruni Dance, Bethi Dance, Sorathi Dance, Sakela Sili Dance, Lakhe Dance, Matrikastam Dance, Jungwa Dance, Mhendomaya Dance, Jhyaware Dance, Deura Dance, Tappa Dance, Newari Dhime Dance, Sherpa Dance, Bhojpuri Dance, Dhimal Dance, Ghatu Dance, Jhijhiya Dance, Chandi Dance; Nepali Modern Dance, Yoga for Dance, Nepali Music, Dance Composition, Dance Production.


  1. Fall: September 2nd to November 30th – 90 days
  2. Spring: January 17th to April 16th – 90 days
  3. Summer: May 22nd to August 20th – 90 days


Kathmandu is the most appropriate location but cities may be selected based upon consultations and recommendations.

Curriculum and Activities

Choices will be available in terms of the form of internship sought by the Interns such as focus area, class-room style or practical experience. Host institution and locations shall be confirmed based on consultations with the

Institutional Hosting

Depending upon sector preferences, internship host may be selected that best fulfills the objectives and interest of the Intern. Wide range of institutions, universities, training institutes and private dance companies may be considered as host of the internship. Some examples of institutional partners are suggested as follows,

Tribhuwan University – Padma Kanya Campus, Srijana College of Fine Arts; Nepal Dance Academy, Movement Dance Academy, Kala Mandap Institute of Classical Nepalese Performing Arts, Newari Music and Dance Center, School of Performing Arts Kathmandu, Newari Music and Dance Center, Everest Nepal Cultural Group.


A choreographer and dance expert in Nepali dance form will be assigned to the intern as a mentor to advise and guide the internship in matters related to Nepal as well as the academic and professional substance of the

Orientation Program – 7 days

  1. Homestay – 1 week
  2. Culture: “do-not” precautions / hygiene behavior / festivals / ethnic mapping / ethnic mapping
  3. Language: basic conversational Nepali / gender gears / status protocols
  4. Living logistics: getting around / shopping / electricity / internet / phone – mobile
  5. Talk Series: Nepali Culture and Religion, Nepali Classical and Folk Dance, Nepali Music
  6. Consultations with internship mentor
1 Orientation to Nepal and Internship / Introduction to Mentor
  Local Homestay
2 Host Institution A – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
  Move to apartment accommodation
3 Host Institution A – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
4 Host Institution A – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
5 Host Institution A – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
6 Travel Excursion
7 Travel Excursion
8 Host Institution B – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
9 Host Institution B – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
10 Host Institution B – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
11 Host Institution B – Kathmandu, mentor consultation
12 Internship Report, mentor consultation
13 Personal Week



  1. Urban Housing:

Shared Catered Apartments – includes weekly cleaning and maintenance

Facilities – bathroom, kitchen with stove and refrigerator, washing machine, basic furniture and bed mattress, fan or heating appliances,

Utilities – electricity and water not included

  1. Rural Housing – includes weekly cleaning and maintenance, cooking and laundry

Facilities – bathroom, kitchen with stove, basic furniture and bed mattress, fan or heating appliances,

Utilities – electricity and water included


A getaway trip which includes visit to another part of the country with some sort of culture exposures and outdoor adventures. Exact dates and destination to be planned upon consultations.

Internship Cost: Full Package – US$ 7700

The cost covers airfare from the nearest international airport, airport pick-up and drop-off, orientation session, accommodation, all inclusive two weeks excursion, mentoring and academic consultations. Cost quote to be firmed up individually for each internship customized to intern’s requirements.

Internship Cost: Without Airfare – US$ 6200

Internship Cost: Without Airfare and Excursion – US$ 4400F