Application Form
Tour Itinerary

Preparation for college application

  • Counselling and Advisory Service: College / university research, student financial aid research and resources, admissions organization and strategy, individual college/university applications

  • College/university Familiarization: campus visit of colleges / universities in UK and US, attend on-campus presentations and campus tours by admissions officers, meet college/university admissions officers and scholarship/financial aid counsellors, meet Nepali and American student on campus, apply in person at select colleges/universities.

Preparation for student VISA application

  • Counselling and Advisory Service: Understanding the VISA process for US and UK, Developing a application strategy, Documentation, Preparation for VISA interview.

Fun Travel

  • See the modern world of the West and learn how to go about it

  • Cultural city tours of London, Boston, NYC and Washington DC

  • Excursion to Ocean Beach in US

  • Meet the locals as well as Nepalese students in US and UK

Who can apply?

  • Presently enrolled in Class XI or XII in 10+2 Schools

  • Application Form should accompanied by No-Objection letters from school principal and guardians, two photos, passport or citizenship certificate copy

What will you gain from the US/UK Education Tour?

  • You will learn to apply to colleges wisely, taking all aspects into consideration: your professional goal, academic curriculum, family financial resources, scholarships and financial assistance, student jobs, etc.

  • You will get a chance to visit the countries and cities, the colleges and universities to get a first-hand experience of how they actually are and function.

  • You will learn to apply for student VISA correctly, taking all aspects into consideration: your academic and family background, family financial resources, career interest, college academic curriculum, etc.

  • Last but not least, it is a great opportunity to see the Western world with all the trappings of its culture as well as technological and economic advancement. A great way to meet the peoples of these lands who we normally just see them here as tourist or INGO expatriate consultants or diplomats.

Safety and Discipline in the US-UK Education Tour

  • All students will have travel insurance which will bear the cost of any possible accidents or medical emergencies.

  • All students will be paired in primary and secondary buddy system

  • All movements will be in groups except in hotels/hostels or a specific premise or compound where they may be on their own.

  • All students will carry a mobile phones and important contact telephone numbers.

  • There will be separate accommodation arrangement for girls and boys.

  • There will be one female and one male trip leader through out the entire trip

  • Cash safe-keeping may be provided by the trip leaders