Our goal is to deliver a meaningful or transformational experience to the participants of our programs. Ironically, the promise is not to be spoken but only to be executed and delivered to not lose its full impact. We take travel, learning & knowledge sharing and communications as basic strategy drivers for achieving our goal. There is an inter-play of all these elements in all our program so that the participants or the travelers are best composed to achieve their quest for the elusive meaningful personal experience.

International travel experience whether it is simply outdoor adventure or study abroad program or volunteering for village toilets involves the engagement with travel logistics and different environment created by locations, climates, ethnicities, cultures, languages, ethics and value systems. However, we believe the travel experience should be more than the context of destinations and activities. The destination and the activity alone do not deliver a powerful and positive impact or transformational experience for the traveler. A truly transformative experience may be triggered by any one or several elements of the international experience.

Rajkarnicar Institute is intrigued and inspired by the process and power of learning. We recognize the significance of learning and the legitimacy of alternative and experimental learning platforms. While traditional and conventional class-room education format is fundamentally vital, alternative and experimental education substantially enhance the learning process of the individual. Learning and knowledge sharing can be a personally full-filling engagement.

The urge for expression is a natural and compulsive phenomenon for human well-being which take place in more than just the written and spoken form …….and does not stop with fine arts. Communication processes can often be therapeutic, stirring a thought process for personal expression – a practice that enhances the state of consciousness. Thus, this is where we come in to help it happen by curating your program with creative activities, stimulating interactions, provoking exposures and mentoring.

The programs of Rajkarnicar Institute focuses on three main aspect of capacity building – personal development, professional development and business development. Personal Development programs include courses & workshops, thematic travel Experience, student internships and gap year abroad. Professional Development programs include training and conferences. Business Development programs include business delegations and franchise partnerships. Each program is meticulously custom-crafted so that each individual is at his or her best state of consciousness to have an inspirational and insightful experience.