Genesis of Rajkarnicar Institute springs from the blending two enterprises – House of Rajkarnicar and Nireka Adventures. House of Rajkarnicar an event management company with expertise and 25 years’ experience in organizing and managing conferences, exhibitions, special events, corporate incentives and travel logistics. Nireka Adventures is an adventure travel company with expertise and long experience in tourism, mountaineering, expeditions and outdoor logistics. The skills and knowledge of these two companies have been brought to bear on the new initiative of tourism, education and communications under Rajkarnicar Initiative.


Birendra Rajkarnicar

Executive Director, Rajkarnicar Institute
Managing Director, House of Rajkarnicar

Educated at Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, USA. Previously with AT&T Communications and a consultant to Crain Communications and UNDP. Studied and worked in the US East Coast for nine years and travelled extensively in UK, continental Europe and South-east Asia.

 Also, a pioneer in event organization and management in Nepal, creating exciting events under House of Rajkarnicar since 1991. His past brush with education has been teaching event management in colleges and student recruitment representation of UK, Irish and US universities in Nepal.

But what drives him today is transformational experiences in travel and education. While he admits transformational experiences is as elusive as Nirvana, he believes that there are ways to facilitate the consummation of a transformational experience. Thus, the initiative of Rajkarnicar Institute to funnel his energy and passion toward this end.

Meenu Rajkarnicar

Director, Rajkarnicar Institute
Director, House of Rajkarnicar

Previously with Yeti Travels and Hotel Yak & Yeti, she brings the hospitality and travel expertise to the team from these prominent establishments of Nepal’s tourism industry. She now heads House of Rajkarnicar, organizing and managing creative and complex events in Nepal and abroad. Her aptitude and experience in logistical organization, audit and monitoring has been a key asset in keeping all her events fail-safe and successful through-out her career.

She has worked and travelled extensively in United Kingdom and United States. She travelled to US as a delegate of the Young Entrepreneur Leadership Program of US Government and on other occasions, numerous times to most major cities in US. But her mainstream lifestyle would hardly expose that she is Yoga and meditation enthusiast and she carries a spiritual streak that is certainly refreshing to many around her.

Satish Man Pati

Director, Rajkarnicar Institute
Managing Director, Nireka Adventures

Passionate about the adventures, Satish began guiding at the age of 24 and has been in the industry ever since. Being a Newar ethnic outsider, he started out as a trek porter and worked his way up to a seasoned mountaineer though learning by doing in a profession that is dominated by Sherpa community. As a mountaineer, Satish has scaled most of Nepal’s highest peaks, most notably Mt. Everest in 2016 and is an instructor for young Nepali mountaineers, mountain guides and trek leaders.

He heads Nireka Adventures and takes trekkers and mountaineers from all over the world on expeditions through Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Tanzania and Argentina as well as up many of the highest peaks around the world. He has built a treasure of knowledge and experience in outdoor adventure and is enthusiastic to share them with any willing adventurist.

Pradipta Kadambari

Lead Consultant, Rajkarnicar Institute
Principal, Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management

Pradipta Kadambari is an educator with 11 years of experience in teaching and higher education administration. She is a founding member and Principal of Kadambari Memorial College of Science and Management which has hosted numerous study abroad and social work programs for overseas students.

She is also a psycho-social support trainer and a researcher. She has collaborated with Griffith University (Australia), Ohio State University (USA) and University of Utah (USA) on numerous research projects. She continues to engage in international conferences as convener and speaker.

She is dedicated to building Kadambari into a strong institution for the social work profession and social work professionals. She believes that it is only through cultivating expertise and esteem to the social work profession that social workers will be able bring real impact into the lives of the needy and marginalized.